A Root Canal Can Save a Tooth From Necrosis

bullet imagebullet imageA root canal is a procedure the dentist must sometimes carry out to stop the progression of damage that is occurring in a tooth. This procedure can help to prevent tooth death from occurring so a person can avoid the need for extraction. Some people are concerned when they hear they need a root canal simply because they are afraid it will cause them undue pain. In reality, this procedure rarely causes any more pain than a tooth extraction. Those who may be in need of a root canal procedure should read further so they will know what to expect.

The dentist in baltimore will first make sure a patient is numbed. Through the numbing process, a person can rest assured they will not feel any pain or discomfort during their procedure. The numbing agent will also help a person feel relief from pain for a couple of hours after their procedure. Once the patient is numb, the work can be carried out on the tooth.

The tooth must be opened for the procedure to begin. Once the tooth is opened, the inner pulp and dental implants soft tissues can be removed. These are the areas of a tooth that are most prone to being damaged. Once the soft tissue is removed, the tooth will be packed with antibiotics so any infection can be healed before the tooth is sealed shut.

Once the softer tissues of a tooth have been removed, this causes the tooth to become more fragile. To combat the fragility, the baltimore dentist will fill the tooth with a spongy material called gutta-percha. This material allows for the natural expansion that occurs in the teeth. This material also mimics the pulp in the tooth. Once the tooth has been filled with gutta-percha, a top layer of hard sealant is put in place to ensure the tooth is strong enough to resist being damaged.

Often, dentists will further protect a tooth by covering it with a dental crown that has been made especially for the patient. This added stability keeps the tooth healthy and strong because it is fully shielded in protection.

Those who have serious tooth pain, swollen gums, extreme tooth sensitivity, and darkening on the inside of their tooth may need to have a root canal procedure carried out. Through this procedure, a cosmetic dentist can restore the tooth and protect it so it is no longer being damaged and causing painful symptoms. Call the dentist right away to schedule an appointment.